Shaurya Dedhia

Founder & Principal Designer

A true aesthete at heart, Shaurya believes that seamlessness and timelessness are the hallmarks of good design. Akin to a well-oiled machine, he believes in the power of functionality and is driven by the excitement of crafting new details with each new project. An avid celebrator at heart, Shaurya can invariably be found at the epicentre of a laugh riot.

After graduating from the Academy of Architecture (Rachana Sansad) in 2014, he grew honing his design and technical skills working with professionals around the subcontinent.

Our Story...

Who we are...

The studio practices architecture, interior and product designing, specializing in bespoke, end-to-end design solutions. We derive our true value through the fruition of our client’s aspirations.

With a strong focus on top-quality, keen attention to detail, longevity and customer satisfaction, the studio has been built on the ethos of crafting personalized spaces with a soul. While we are passionate advocates of minimalism, our designs are deeply inspired from immersive interactions with the people that surround us; friends, clients and contractors alike.

What we do...

“If you’re not listening, you’re not learning.” – Lyndon B. Johnson

At Shaurya Dedhia Design Studio, our process always begins by meticulously peeling through the client brief and identifying the abstract elements of the project. Be it an architecture, interior design, fit-out or space planning endeavour, the same ideology is adapted to suit every project and becomes our guiding light to embark upon the design process.

Via the systematic stages of design development, we work towards delivering efficient, tasteful and personalised design solutions in a timely manner.

  • Space planning
  • Interior Design
  • Product Design
  • Architecture
  • Fit outs

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© 2024. Shaurya Dedhia Design Studio

© 2024. Shaurya Dedhia Design Studio